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We at IEPF.in (Recoversy) have helped our clients search and get back their hidden treasures from all types of investments viz. physical shares, shares transferred to IEPF, unclaimed amounts in PPF & EPF, Lost properties and transfer / transmission of assets after the death of their loved ones.

Recoversy specialises in search and claim of shares & dividends transferred to IEPF Authority. Recoversy team can take care of all the process and documentation for IEPF claims, transfer / transmission of shares, all we need is your signatures. We at recoversy feel immensely grateful to our clients for trusting us with opportunity to assist them in recovery of their lost investments.

IEPF Search Portal

Only private Consulting company in the world that provides an extensive search portal for search of lost and unclaimed shares and dividends without need of any folio nos. Search from a database amounting for more than Rs.2 lac crores for shares transferred to IEPF and unclaimed physical shares.

2+ years of experience

Recoversy has assisted more than 25k investors search their lost and unclaimed investments in IEPF to the tune of Rs.2600 Crores and helped 100+ investors recover shares worth Rs. 5 crore and counting.

Transparent Fee Structure

We at Recoversy believe in "Work first pay later", thus we charge a fee only after we have successfully recovered back your investments. Thus, as an investor you have got nothing to lose!

Where are my investments Unclaimed?

Rs.28,800 Cr

Value of unclaimed shares transferred to IEPF

Rs.24,000 Cr

Value of unclaimed mutual fund units

Rs.5,454 Cr

Value of unclaimed corporate dividends

Rs.48,000 Cr

Unclaimed Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Rs.15,166 Cr

Value of matured Insurance policies

Rs.19,567 Cr

Unclaimed amount in bank accounts

Rs.11,770 Cr

Unclaimed amount in UTI Schemes

Rs.3,78,000 Cr

Amount of physical shares not yet dematerilized

*Updated as on 31/03/2020

Committed to Ease your recovery process

IEPF claim

IEPF Claim

Assisting investors search and claim back their unclaimed investments back from the IEPF Authority

Family investment planning and recovery

Hereditary Claim

We help investors claim their legal ownership on the assets left behind back by their loved ones

Transfer shares after death of shareholder

Transmission of Shares

Facilitating investors in getting the shares transmitted in their name which are in the name of their ancestors

Transfer shares from one person to other

Transfer of Shares

Assisting in the transfer of shares from one owner to other, rectifying issues of signature and name mismatch, etc.

Unclaimed shares in IEPF

D-mat of Physical Shares

Aid investors in getting their shares dematerialised from physical form by resolving issues of Joint holding, name change, signature mismatch, etc.

Search unclaimed dividends and matured debentures

Search of Unclaimed Dividends

We cater our investors with searching for their unclaimed dividends which is with the company or have been transferred to the IEPF Authority

Search and claim properties

Property search & settlements

We help our customers in searching of their ancestral properties and assets which may be lost due to no information or lost documents.

Why us?

Professional And Experienced Investment Recovery Consultants

Excellent track record

We at IEPF.in (Recoversy ) maintain a healthy track record of 100% recovery rate no matter what the case may be. You can be rest assured that we would leave no stones unturned to get back your unclaimed investments in the least possible time.

We run the extra mile

We do all the hard work for you and make sure to cover the extra mile to get your investment back so that you don't have to. We make sure that you worry only on planning how to spend the extra dollar that we would be recovering back for you.

Success payment

IEPF.in (Recoversy ) believes in the policy of "Work First, Pay Later". Thus, our fee completely depends on the success of our work done. Also, we expect a fee only on the amount which can be realised by you instantaneously thus paying us on the amount you actually get.

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Customer appreciation is what defines our success rather than the amount we have recovered for them