IEPF Claim

IEPF stands for Investor Education and Protection Authority. It is a government held authority which operates under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Finance holding the prime responsibility of safeguarding investors interest and to spread awareness among the investors regarding safe keeping of their investments. Investments transferred to IEPF can be claimed via IEPF Claim form IEPF Form – 5

Okay. So what they got to do with my investments?

Assume, you bought some physical shares long back and forgot about them, there have been change of address and all, so you no more get any dividends or letters from the company. Where do you think the unclaimed dividends and shares go? Right, the company has it. They had it until now, although the company has no right on the dividends amount in spite of it being unclaimed, but there is an old employee who held an eye on this and knew you were not claiming the dividends, and he knew the right places to ping to fraudulently claim this unclaimed dividends in his account.
Government soon realised this and they incorporated a Fund which holds all of this unclaimed and unpaid investments. If any investor remembers their investment anytime later they don’t have to face lame responses from the companies, they have an authority to go to.

Understandable! So, What is your role in this?

So, this is what happened with our founder’s father. He suddenly came to know that his 25 years old investments in thousands is now worth millions. That raised an eyebrow! When our founder dug up and started the recovery process it was so messed that he never imagined. When he searched for any consultant he was unable to find anyone who was actually willing to run an extra mile to get the investment back. That’s when Recovery was started with a sole intention of helping investors search and claim back their lost, forgotten and unclaimed investments.

So, in short Recoversy is a private investment consulting company who specialises in search and recovery of lost, forgotten and unclaimed investments back from the IEPF Authority. We make sure you do not have to go through the cumbersome process of searching, writing letters, filling forms, calling for confirmation and waiting for replies. We take up everything and trouble you only for your signatures.

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What does IEPF hold and what can be claimed in IEPF Claim

IEPF (Investor Education and protection fund) Authority was incorporated by the Government of India on 7th September 2016 under the provisions of section 125 of the companies act, 2013.

What all is transferred to IEPF?

  • The dividends which are unclaimed with the company are available with the company for reissue for a span of 7 years from the date of issue. If they are unclaimed for 7 consecutive years the dividends are then transferred to the IEPF Authority
  • The shares w.r.t this unclaimed dividends unclaimed for 7 consecutive years are also transferred to the IEPF Authority. So, if you have not claimed your dividends for 7 consecutive years your shares are now under the custody of IEPF Authority.
  • Any benefits accruing on behalf of the shares transferred to IEPF viz bonus shares, split shares, sale proceeds for fraction shares issued, dividends all are transferred to IEPF.
  • Any unclaimed matured debentures, interest on debentures,  matured deposits and interest on matured debentures if unclaimed for 7 consecutive years all are transferred to IEPF
  • If any application money for shares, interest on application money remains unclaimed with the company for 7 consecutive years it is also transferred to IEPF

How to claim from IEPF

All the above amounts transferred to IEPF can be claimed via IEPF Claim form IEPF Form-5. Depending on case to case basis there may be multiple documentations and affidavits which needs to be submitted for claiming the shares from IEPF. (Recoversy) is an expert in recovery of investments from IEPF and can take care of all the process and documentations required for claiming your investments from IEPF. For more details w.r.t the recovery of your investments you can contact us directly. Connect with us via our contact details below or chat with us for instant clarification.

Documents required for IEPF Claim

  • Mandatory documents required for IEPF Claim of shares
      • Aadhaar card of all the shareholders
      • PAN Card of all the shareholders
      • Cancelled cheque of bank account of any of the shareholder
      • CML (Client Master Ledger) copy of demat account in the form of shareholding
      • Investment proof or entitlement letter from the company/RTA
  • Optional documents depending on case to case basis along with mandatory documents
    • Death of Joint shareholder
        • Death certificate of the shareholder
    • Death of all shareholders
        • Legal heir certificate / Rashan card with details of all family members / family deed
        • Death certificate of all shareholders
        • Succession certificate / Probate of will / Letter of Administration or court decree (If market value of shares per company is more than Rs.2 lac)
    • Loss of share certificates
        • FIR Copy / Police complaint for loss of certificates
        • Surety affidavit worth market value of shares
        • Indemnity bond for loss of share certificates
        • Copy of advertisement in English and regional language newspaper
    • Shares held in demat form
        • Transaction statement of demat account duly certified by Depository Participant