What is IEPF?

Incorporated under Section 125 of Companies Act 2013, IEPF stands for Investor Education and Protection Fund. IEPF is basically a government body which takes care of all the unclaimed dividends, shares, deposits, etc. of a company.

What is transferred to IEPF?

Investments which once unclaimed for a consecutive span of 7 (seven) years or more gets transferred to the IEPF Authority fall under the following heads

  • Dividends issued by a company unclaimed by an investor
  • Shares with respect to the folio under which the dividends are unclaimed for a consecutive span of 7 years
  • Matured deposits with the company other than banking companies
  • Matured Debentures unclaimed with the company
  • Application money received by a company with respect to an application made for any security and due for a refund
  • Sale proceeds of fraction shares which arise out of issuance of bonus shares, amalgamation and mergers of companies
  • Redemption amount of preference shares unclaimed by an investor

Why investment transferred to the IEPF?

  • No track of old and physical investments
  • Loss of old physical certificates and documents
  • Name change due to marriage, divorce, voluntary, etc
  • Shares in the name of parents, grandparents
  • Not claiming of dividend warrants

Do I own any shares which are transferred to IEPF?

Great! You have come to the perfect place. We at Recoversy have compiled & analyzed Tbs of data to provide you with a simple search portal.

How can I claim my shares transferred to IEPF?

Claiming the shares transferred to the IEPF Authority involves numerous documents to be filled, various proofs to be submitted and multiple follow-ups with the company and Authority.
For claiming back your lost investments, Recoversy makes sure all the processes are accounted for & no stones are left unturned

Process Flow followed by Recoversy

  1. Understanding the case

    We make sure we get a deep understanding of what investments you hold and what has been transferred to the IEPF Authority thus analyzing all the difficulties and issues which may arise in the transmission or claiming back the investments from the IEPF Authority or the company

  2. Verifying the details and confirming the total amount to be recovered

    We make sure every penny is accounted for to be recovered and verify the same from the companies and their Registrar & Transfer agents. And thus, we make sure the details are validated regarding the total amount for recovery and if the shares have been transferred to the IEPF Authority or not

  3. Filing IEPF Form 5 and Preparation of documents

    All the details are carefully filled, as any error in the same after submission cannot be changed and only one form can be filed against one company for one Aadhaar Number. Therefore, we make sure the IEPF Form 5 is error free by validating the same through a 3 step process. All other documents are prepared as per the case and evaluated for final submission. This is the process which takes up the most time and is the most error-prone, but our expert team makes sure every document is validated and accounted for.

  4. Final Submission

    The IEPF Form 5 is submitted on the portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and along with the other documents forwarded to the respective company & Authority for further validation and processing.
    After the final submission, the company and IEPF Authority validated the documents and informs us about any discrepancies. If no discrepancies are found, the same is processed and the shares are transferred to the respective d-mat account and the unclaimed dividends in the bank account of the investor.

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